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Special Exhibit in association with the Redeeming Light Ministry Eatonville FL January 2008


African American History Education and Culture is an Orlando, Florida based organization dedicated to the preservation, presentation, education, and displays of African American History and Culture.


  1. To establish and maintain an African American history museum founded on the substantial Carol Mundy Collection of artifacts and memorabilia dating back to 1720.
  2. To educate the community regarding the history of African Americans in our country.
  3. To provide educational seminars and activities to the community that will enhance learning skills, and serve as prevention to at-risk youth.
  4. To produce local and national publications based on the history of African Americans through research and artifacts.


The organization will create and support programs and events that seek to expand the knowledge of African American contributions to our country's history and culture.

About The Organization

The private collection of the Carol Mundy is the foundation of AAHEC, we believe knowledge of one's past is akin to empowerment. Through intense research, the sourced background surrounding the items in the collection and the truths they reveal have become apparent. To share these treasures and truths is AAHEC's focus, for with knowledge comes enrichment and awareness.